Mission Statement


Carved Wood Ceilings (CWC) has an international presence, working throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the U.S. Our work is based on extensive experience gained through the study and restoration of Spanish historical and cultural heritage. Our work is highly specialized in mudejar-style carpentry, which was extremely popular between the seventh and the fifteenth centuries, the result of more than seven centuries of coexistence with the Islamic world. The Islamic influence created a unique architectural style in which structural carpentry was the main protagonist, featuring spectacular geometric shapes.

Our activities have enabled us to build a highly specialized knowledge over many years, developing an understanding of the composition and crafting of intricate geometric shapes in wood paneling. From our knowledge of this art, and through the ongoing work of our research and development team, we have succeeded in optimizing our resources with a manufacturing process that now enables us to collaborate in the restoration of historical heritage and in the internationalization of this style of wood-based art as a new architectural project at the highest levels.

Thus the mission of Carved Wood Ceilings (CWC) is twofold; to promote restoration and prevent the loss of important cultural and historical heritage (Lattice ceilings; Arabian ceilings; Art ceilings; Carved ceilings), such as that which is found in the Alhambra in Granada, the Picasso Museum in Málaga, the Peinado Museum, the Town Hall in Toledo, and a whole host of other historic buildings; and to produce out wood-based construction projects on an exclusive basis to help our clients stand out and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Thanks to our work it is now possible to commission an exclusive art ceilings, work of art for a private home, institutional building, museum, corporate headquarters, convention center, palace, hotel, golf resort, social club, commercial center, transport station, mansion or religious building or other structure in such diverse worldwide locations as Los Angeles, New York or Miami in the U.S., Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain and elsewhere. Our clients want to set their buildings and spaces apart from the rest and to this end we carry out projects according to their specific requirements and demands, meeting their objectives and exceeding their expectations.


Carved Wood Ceilings’ (CWC) strategic vision is to provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive artwork, wherever their projects are based, and to collaborate with them to develop a unique and distinctive element for their architectural project.

Our focus lies not only in the manufacturing process and the results we achieve, but also in applying a methodology to our work, using specialized teams to consult with and advice our clients throughout the entire project life cycle, from conception of the idea through to installation and project close.


Our corporate values ​​are at the heart of everything we we do, inspiring our actions as a business and the actions of our employees as individuals. Respect for others, integrity in our actions, innovation in our approach, collaboration in our teams, excellence in our work and trust amongst our customers, colleagues and partners are paramount in order to achieve project objectives.

Islamic influenced construction projects