Technical Consultancy



Given the experience, capacity and reliability of the CWC team in important wood craft projects, and the significant know-how we have accumulated during 20 years of dedication to this specialist area, we are fully qualified to advise our clients on how best to achieve their objectives.

Thus, from the first contact, our clients or collaborators receive the highest levels of consultancy from our professional team with the aim of fulfilling and satisfying their expectations.

Our technical team will answer any questions that may arise in order to execute the project, such as what materials to use, design of the artwork and finishes, integration with the architectural design, planning and integration of the schedule with the project as a whole, maintenance and post-installation care of the installation etc.



Each project is defined according to a number of factors as advised by our technical team. These include questions such as the climate of the area in which it is to be installed. Local climatic conditions will affect the type of wood selected depending on whether it is going to a cold and dry area (New York), a hot and dry area (Los Angeles) or a humid area (Miami).

All the woods we use are certified, of the highest quality and follow specific protocols regarding provenance and environmental care. The main woods we use in our work are Scots pine, Cedar, Eastern USA shortleaf Pine, Bosse, Oregon Pine, Old European Pine Tree and Niangon; highly stable woods that ensure the longevity of our work.



We have extensive experience in the project management of wood-craft projects and we are a world leader in carrying out Mudéjar-style carpentry projects. Among our most popular cruck frames we can stand out rafter and collar beam, interlaced, octogonal coffered ceilings, interlaced decorated domes, etc.

We design unique solutions for designers and architects wishing to build wooden structures in historical or current styles. As a result we undertake projects in diverse styles depending on the particular needs of the client or the architect’s vision. These projects sometimes demand modern and contemporary styles and other times will require more classical styles, such as Baroque, Romantic or Renaissance.


Polychrome and gold leaf

Our works can be finished in natural varnished or polychromed wood. Our most commonly recommended and used are natural wax, walnut veneer, clear varnish, polychrome or golf-leaf finished patina among others.

Care of the woods and finishes used is of extreme importance to us since it is on these that the eternal durability of our works, of which we are justly proud, is based.

Islamic influenced construction projects