International Projects

Our abilities as a group come together in perfect harmony when we work on international projects. We draw on all the necessary elements for the successful completion of a project, using careful planning, fully analyzing project risks prior to starting and managing any problems that occur in the most efficient way possible.

If the customer wishes, we can manage the shipping process by sea or road, using our multilingual team to communicate with your representatives and our excellent technical team to manage the installation in a much shorter timescale than you would imagine.

In the international context, we have worked work with internationally renowned architects such as Mr. Rafael Manzano Martos in Bahrain, Spain, etc. and Mr. Richard Gluckman in Spain and the U.S., as well on as projects led by the likes of HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates in Algeria, among others.

We are also noted for various high-level projects that we have carried out on the international stage with construction companies such as OHL-Sonatrach in Algeria, FCC (Fomento Construcciones and Contracts), in Spain, and Acciona in Spain.

Islamic influenced construction projects