Oran Convention Center Banquet Hall Ceiling

Oran Banquet Hall

  • 04a-ohl-sonatrach-carved-wood-ceiling-installation
  • 04b-oran-convention-center-banquet-hall
  • 04c-ohl-sonatrach-carved-wood-ceiling-oran-convention-center
  • 04d-ohl-sonatrach-oran-convention-center-bnquet-hall
  • 04e-oran-convention-center-islamic-intricate-star
  • 04f-oran-convention-center-muslim-intricate-ceilingl

Group of 3 rectangular panels decorated with floral motifs around its border and carved wood 12 point stars in the interior.
Their large dimensions and their beautiful carved work made this an excellent decorative element in the Oran Convention Center.

Islamic influenced construction projects