New Construction Projects

Thanks to our work it is now possible to commission an exclusive work of art for a private home, institutional building, museum, corporate headquarters, convention center, palace, hotel, golf resort, social club, commercial center, transport station, mansion or religious building or other structure in such diverse worldwide locations as Los Angeles, New York or Miami in the U.S., Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain and elsewhere. Our clients want to set their buildings and spaces apart from the rest and to this end we carry out projects according to their specific requirements and demands, meeting their objectives and exceeding their expectations.

Although we specialize in Mudejar carved wood ceilings, we also design unique solutions for designers and architects wishing to build wooden structures in historical or current styles. As a result we undertake projects in diverse styles depending on the particular needs of the client or the architect’s vision. These projects sometimes demand modern and contemporary styles and other times will require more classical styles, such as Baroque, Romantic or Renaissance.

Our portfolio also includes lattice ataujeradas and apeinazadas doors, lattice structures (mashrabiyas), corbels, cornices, balustrades, capitals, etc. among other construction elements.

Islamic influenced construction projects