Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Spain is the historic cradle of Moorish architecture, which had an important presence between the 7 th and the 15th centuries. This architectural style was the result of more than seven centuries of coexistence between Arabs, Jews and Christians, whose cultures and traditions intertwined, bringing together a pool of construction knowledge that resulted in the development of the best Mudéjar-style carpentry ever existed. It was this exchange of knowledge between the three cultures that gave rise to one of the most beautiful art forms that ever existed, a unique architecture in which structural carpentry, with its dramatic geometric development, was the main protagonist and which today is one of the core values on which our company is built.

Today our work is based on extensive experience of more than 20 years studying and restoring historical and cultural heritage in Spain. This important cultural legacy enables us to continue learning every day, by studying the best works, respecting traditions and acquiring aesthetic taste and skills in order to carry out projects of the highest artistic value and heritage in whose conservation which we collaborate every day for the delight of future generations.

Islamic influenced construction projects