Saint Mary of the Royal Fortress, Laterals

  • 19a-saint-maria-alcazeres-chatolic-church-centrall-hall
  • 19b-enrique-venegas-st-mary-church-lateral
  • 19c-saint-mary-alcazeres-chatolic-church-main-architecture-ceiling
  • 19d-restoration-carved-wood-ceiling-medieval-church-sapin
  • 19e-restoration-carved-wood-ceiling-side-aisle-religious-temple

The same way we were chosen to do the central ceiling for the Saint Mary of the Royal Fortress Catholic Church, we were honored with the construction of the different style lateral aisles.
The church laterals are basically flat rafters done by interlacing beautiful elaborated joists and panels. A must see if you ever go to this church.

Islamic influenced construction projects